ORIGIN® PRESETTER • Tool Measuring • Inspection Functionality • Revolutionary Software
TOOLHOLDING SYSTEM • Simplicity • Ultra Precision • Extreme Performance
Evolution Angle Heads • One head for many machines • Ensured rigidity and accuracy • Quickest return on investment
Tapping SOLUTIONS •  Extended Tap Adapters Standard • Rugged Alloy Steel Design for Durability and Long Service Life • Largest Range Available in a Single Head • American Made
BORING TOOLS • Precise and Repeatable Diameter Adjustments • Balance for High Speed • Modular Flexibility • Maximum Tool Life with Coolant Delivery to Cutting Edge • High Rigidity
TOOLHOLDING SYSTEMS • Most Complete Line of ER • Toolholding Solutions • Balanced or Balanceable to G2.5 and up to 30,000RPM • Complete Coolant Delivery Options • American Made • CAT, BT, DIN, HSK, SimulFit and NMTB • Full Range of Traditional Toolholders Available

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BT, CAT, HSK, NMTB, Weldon, Straight Shank, Collets, Right Angle Heads...

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ANSI/ISO, Tension only &Tension Compression systems, Bilz style tapping

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ANSI/ISO, Multiple ranges, adjustable roughing systems

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Series 1550 and 1850 with state of the art measuring software

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