Parlec features the largest range of tapping solutions, including rigid, tension only, and tension and compression systems along with coolant and coolant groove adapters.  

Torque control tapping is the best solution for protecting taps and work pieces from tap breakage. Bottom tapping or close blind hole tapping where ship evacuation is a common concern, are prime operations for torque control tapping. Available from #6 to 1” taps in non-ferrous materials and #6 to 3/4” taps in ferrous materials.                                                                       

 Numertap® 700
  • Large work range eliminates the need to purchase several units.
  • Radial float improves thread quality and tap life.
  • Precalibrated torque control prevents tap breakage when bottom tapping.
  • Free-floating tension stroke ensures thread size and quality.
  • Adjustable compression stroke ensures depth control.
  • Rugged alloy steel construction for long trouble-free service life.
  • Through-spindle coolant option available gets coolant into the hole and flushes chips.
  • Quick-change system allows taps to be quickly exchanged.