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General Safety


The use of cutting tools, if proper protection is observed, is generally safe. However, fragments of a cutting tool, cutting material, or holding device may be thrown at a very high speed. These fragments can cause severe bodily harm. It is of utmost importance that the proper precautions, including personal protective apparel, machine guarding, and other general safety practices, be taken.

Parlec products are engineered with safety in mind. The materials used and the heat treat specifications meet all standards where applicable. If caution, and proper safety practices and protections are used, Parlec products perform without undue safety problems. However, improper use, use of incorrect product, or applying extreme stresses to the product may result in property damage or personal injury.

SAFETY WARNINGS | Retention Knob Warnings

Machine tool manufacturers have used many various styles and sizes of retention knobs. They often look very similar and appear to be interchangeable. The use of the incorrect knob, or the incorrect use of a knob, may result in injury or property damage. We at Parlec try to insure that we specify the correct knob, but due to the variety, it is the responsibility of the end user to check that the supplied knobs are correct for the machine tool and taper type.

It is very important not to intermix metric retention knobs with inch toolholders. The retention knob will screw in and appear to seat correctly. This is not the case, and damage may occur if used.

Be sure to fully tighten the retention knob. Failure to do so may result in the toolholder coming loose during operation. Over tightening may result in swelling of the taper nose. The use of serviceable thread lock is recommended.

Parlec retention knobs are manufactured using alloy steel. They are case hardened to insure long service life and the core is tempered for tough shock resistance. Material heat treat and dimensions are to ANSI specifications.

SAFETY WARNINGS | Carbide Insert Warnings

Use of carbide in cutting is a generally safe and reasonable practice. When used properly, these products are designed to be safe and without risk to health and property. Please review the recommended use and pay particular attention to insure the tooling is used within its designed speed range and operating forces. Misuse may represent a hazard to people and property.

These products use materials which are classified as hazardous by OSHA. This may include one or more of the following: tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, chromium carbide, chromium cadmium, cobalt, and nickel.

Carbide is a material which is brittle in nature. It will fracture from shock or impact which may cause pieces to detach at high velocities. Carbides should not be hammered or fitted with undo force. Suitable eye protection should be worn during all processes. Carbide grinding may release dangerous levels of cobalt. Conventional precautions related to the operations of safe grinding should always be observed.